Here are some list of niche blogs that are always crowded with visitors


Actually in creating a blog can be filled with any content according to our passion. However, it would be even better if your blog focuses on one particular topic or is often called a niche blog. Actually, if you only focus on one niche blog, it will have more potential for many visitors / visitors and usually the CPC will also be bigger

Relax, I will provide a list of blog niche recommendations that have the potential to always be full of visitors and promise you. Immediately, see the following explanation.

What is Niche Blog?

A blog niche is a specific topic or theme that is the subject of discussion in a blog. Actually, there is nothing that prohibits or there are rules that require blogs to discuss certain topics in a certain way.

But, by focusing on one niche blog, you only need to create content on the same topic and you also don't have to bother creating other content. In addition, there are also advantages to focusing on one niche blog.

The Advantages of a Blog If You Focus On One Niche Blog

1. Makes You More Focused

Choosing a niche blog can make you focus more on one particular topic, so it doesn't expand to various topics. It can make you more consistent in creating blog content.

2. Easier to Monetize by Ad Owners

If your blog is already known as an expert and has become a reference for many people, of course there are many products that want to endorse your blog and your blog will also be easier (more likely) to be approved by Google AdSense.

3. Increase ad CTR

Ads that are relevant to your blog's niche will be clicked by more visitors so you will get paid more for advertising.

It's different again if your blog has a mixed niche, surely the ads will be more random usually so the ads that are displayed are also less relevant.

Types of Niche Blogs

Here are the types of niche blogs based on the views of John James Robinson in his ebook The Authority Site Adsense Guide:

1. Whole-niche

Whole-niche is a niche blog that covers a whole range of topics. For example, if your blog discusses Digital Marketing, then you cover all topics, starting from how to do online marketing, Digital Marketing guidelines, inputting or registering online marketing systems and so on.

2. Broad-niche

Broad-niche is a niche blog that doesn't cover the whole topic, but rather a large part of the topic. For example, if your blog discusses about the Website Course, then your blog will discuss the web master course, the material studied, and the results obtained from the web master course.

3. Theme-niche

Themed-niche is a blog niche that has only led to a certain topic. For example, like your blog, the topic is about Blogger, so the discussion on your blog is only off page SEO for bloggers.

4. Micro-niches

Micro-niche is a blog niche that is very narrow and very detailed. For example, the topic of your blog is about bloggers, so the discussion in your blog niche will only discuss on page SEO specifically for keyword research.

List of Blog Niche Always Crowded Visitors

1. Niche Blog News / News

The blog niche that is always crowded with visitors is the news or news blog niche. Because there is no doubt, in this all-digital era (now) with the support of increasingly rapidly developing gadgets and WiFi hotspots scattered everywhere, one can easily find any information every day on the internet.

Good information in the form of political news, stocks, economics, business, technology, health, celebrities, crime, war, sports, even recent events. News content that is almost always updated every day can indeed invite many visitors in an instant.

Usually the players in this niche optimize their blog in terms of title and image, so that it becomes more unique and makes readers curious. Promotional activities are usually carried out through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, unfortunately this kind of content will usually only be very crowded 3 days to a week.

2. Niche Business Blogs

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is the business blog niche. The business theme is indeed a theme that always attracts and inspires anyone, netizens are no exception. The number of people who want to do business, making this niche is always pursued and sought after by netizens in order to obtain information that they can take to practice.

Well, for those of you bloggers who have experience or interest in the business field, you can start decorating or choosing your blog niche with rubrics themed about business and entrepreneurship.

3. Niche Blog Tutorials

Niche blog tutorials can't be underestimated either. In Indonesia alone, content about blog tutorials is still the prima donna, especially for beginner bloggers. This beginner blogger is interested in blogging because he sees a lot of tutorials about blogs, then implements the readings on his blog and blog articles.

Because the tutorial content of this blog has a lot of interest, then tough competition in search engines is also unavoidable.

4. Niche Blog Technology

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is the technology blog niche. Actually there are lots of sub categories in this Technology niche, starting from the topic of computers, internet, gadgets, and various other topics.

Even though this niche is very broad, of course you can choose one of the topics that best suits your field and interests. For example, if you like and have skills in computer topics, then you can create a blog that discusses this topic in depth.

5. Niche of Traveling Blogs

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is the technology blog niche. The world of traveling today has become very sexy for all people. It is undeniable that the fans always increase every year. This is evidenced by the increasingly intense traveling activities by the lovers.

In cyberspace, especially blogging, traveling is also a popular niche that is often flooded by netizens. For those of you who are also a traveler and like outdoor activities, you can create this topic on your blog with a clear story with the support of travel pictures or videos.

6. Niche Blog Religion / Religion

This niche blog about religion will last forever. Maybe we can be busy with worldly affairs, but don't forget about religious things.

Well, surely many can be counted on the fingers of who likes to read blogs with religious niches the most, right?

Many blogs are found with sub categories of this type of niche and many of them don't even care about money in return. However, make no mistake, many niche blog writers like this accept regular donors from certain parties.

7. Niche Blog Artwork

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is niche artwork. Artwork or art images or design illustrations is a blog niche that many netizens like, especially young people. High artistic value and creativity are thought to be the reason why niche artwork is liked by many blog visitors. But to keep getting a lot of visitors, this niche must always be updated regularly and periodically.

It would be better if you were able to present tutorials and the process or stages of making each artwork that will be posted. With tutorials and stages of the artwork process, visitors will like and enjoy it even more.

8. Niche of Fashion Blogs

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is the fashion blog niche. This niche blog has been proven to bring in a lot of traffic. One of the blog topics that is also most in demand and liked by readers is fashion. The fashion world which is also very stretched will also lead many readers to a blog that provides a lot of information about it.

You should take advantage of this fashion development and growth in such a way by creating this topic on your blog to attract many blog visitors.

9. Culinary Blog Niche

The next niche blog that is always crowded with visitors is the culinary blog niche. In the world of blogging, the term food blogger has now emerged. This is evidence that makes the culinary niche being targeted by netizens.

When creating this niche, you have two choices, namely sharing and posting content containing your own recipes or reporting the results of culinary tours in several places. If you want both, even better.

With your expertise in concocting and reporting on various types of ingredients and processed foods or drinks, culinary fans, who are increasing in number over time, will make your blog more crowded with visitors.

10. Health Blog Niche

One of the loyal groups of readers of this type of health content is medical or health students or students. Health niches that are commonly searched for are usually related to how to lose weight or the right diet, and other health needs.

There are quite a lot of references on the internet for health blog niches. However, it is certainly not something that is easy to build from scratch a blog with a health niche. Because now there are a lot of players in this niche, there are even several authority sites in the health niche on Google.

However, of course, a niche with great potential will make the competition even greater. It's just how we optimize blogs in the health niche to get traffic.

11. Niche of School Lessons Blog

The blog niche that is always crowded with visitors is the education niche (school lessons). Niche blogs about lessons or school assignments are also very profitable in terms of traffic. Because many students nowadays prefer to google or browse the internet to do their homework and the questions given by the teacher.

Well, you can take advantage of this situation, by doing existing school assignments and sharing them on the blog. Therefore, the niche blog for school lessons will also make your blog crowded with visitors or visitors.
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